Ministry Arms / Departments

You are welcome to join any of our Ministry arms or Departments to serve the Lord along with us.

  1. The Men’s fellowship
  2. The Women’s fellowship
  3. Children’s Church
  4. The Youth Ministry
  5. Singles’ Hangout
  6. Married Men & Women’s Fellowship
  7. The Tribe of Judah (Choir)
  8. Audio-visual Department
  9. Drama Department
  10. Ushering Department
  11. Protocol Department
  12. Interpretation & Translation Department
  13. Hospitality Department
  14. Intercessory Department
  15. Evangelism and Follow-up Department


But you—you serve your God and He’ll bless your food and your water. I’ll get rid of the sickness among you; there won’t be any miscarriages nor barren women in your land. I’ll make sure you live full and complete lives. Exodus 23: 25-26 (MSG)